My career

In 1997  I fell in love with ceramics; in Lisbon… It all began with decorated tiles and the tin glaze decoration style.  Blown away by the ceramic art in Lisbon, I took an apprenticeship with Liora, an artisan specialising this technique, and went on to make panel decorations for kitchen, & bathrooms, as well as decorative tiles pieces.

Then I wanted to get closer to the clay, the material itself. For 4 years from 2005, as a pupil of Annie Fourmanoir in Paris, I learned to throw, inspired by her wisdom and her mastery of her craft.

All of this was while I was working full time at my job as sales manager at the iconic art material shop: Sennelier in Paris. I developed their range of ceramic art material. store.

In 2017, I completed a year training at AT ceramic in Paris.

All the while, in my free time, I continued to work in my home studio near Paris, and started to teach throwing.

In 2021, I at last decided to leave Paris and the wonderful Sennelier,and move to the Dordogne to start a new life – hands deept in glaze for good- and create my ceramic studio :